salesforce Appexchange highlight: Activity Optimizer

By January 8, 2011Latest News

Are your people spending time doing the right things? How do you know? Activity Optimizer gives you the ability to quickly evaluate the activities of your users and determine if they are spending their time doing the right things.Activity Optimizer allows you to create different systems for each role and different activity types for each role. Users are assigned to roles and the system automatically scores their performance based on the types of activities they are entering into the system.Points are given to each activity and can be calculated based on the amount of time the user spent on the activity or can be a flat value regardless of time.Assigning points to activities allows an employee or manager to easily review activity at a high level to confirm that they are doing all the right things. The more points they score, the more effectively they are using their time.We test-drove this app, and found it to be very useful.  Best of all, it’s free!  Feel free to get more details and download it here!