Salesforce Chatter Gets Mobile Makeover

By July 25, 2013Latest News

The new iOS version of Chatter, Chatter 4.0, was announced earlier this week for release on this coming Monday. Seeking to make every “micro-moment”(those minutes spent away from the office computer) count, SFDC has given Chatter 4.0 enhanced capabilities. There are three parts to this update; The first is that users will be able to review analytics on the go, fully edit customer records, and utilize custom actions via the app. With all of your records in


one place (“opportunities, accounts, leads, contacts and more”), it will surely be easier than ever to push your pipeline while on the go. The app previously only allows users to check the news, view emails, read records, and view their SFDC calendar–but in Chatter 4.0, advanced tasks–such as editing records, creating a purchase order, or resolving service case issues–will be possible. Past updates have given Chatter similar capabilities, but Salesforce’s Senior Director of Product & Solutions Marketing, Michael Peachey, says 4.0 is more advanced because it doesn’t require users to “dig” around the app, rather all features can be accessed straight from the main newsfeed.

Probably the most useful addition to the app is the second update: the ability to look at analytics via mobile–users will not have to wait for their laptop to take a look at SFDC Dashboard, and can make judgement calls on the go. The final part of this app update is the capability to develop Custom Actions for Chatter, allowing users to create short-cuts based on their specific industry or company; Salesforce gives some examples of possible actions, such as, “submitting marketing requests with a tap of the button, accessing a recruitment app to hire new employees, submitting an invoice, or logging a travel request.” All of these updates show that Salesforce has an eye for increasing mobile productivity, allowing users to make use of mobile moments that used to be missed. In their words, “Employees will get valuable work done in every micro-moment—whether they are in line for coffee, boarding a flight or in a cab heading to a customer meeting—all from the Chatter feed.”

This iOS update will be available on July 29th, while the Android update will likely occur in Q4 of 2013, according to SFDC. Current Salesforce customers can get the Chatter update at no charge.


The official Chatter 4.0 release page, which highlights some of the app’s features.

Does the new Chatter iOS app have the functionality you were looking for? Are there additional features that you are waiting for SFDC to add? Tell us in the comments!