Born Cloud, Reborn Social

By December 16, 2011Latest News

Welcome to new, huge change!In a Cloudforce Japan 2011, Benioff talked about social revolution inspired by technology.One of the many examples he uses is a tweet by Google exec and Egyptian activist Wael Ghonim saying, “A call to all well-educated Egyptians around the world, come back as soon as possible to build our nation,” inspiring a revolution and government changes in Egypt. How is it possible that the use of a simple sentence under 140 characters can inspire the way we communicate and reach millions of people? People are doing it every day.Technology is a common theme to social change- from the riots in Egypt to the Occupy protests. It is the platform for social reform and Benioff says “we’ve never seen technology impact our society this way before.”So many people are using social media. Our clients and our employees are. So why wouldn’t businesses use it? It’s a powerful force, it’s on the cloud and there’s room for it in the business world.