Reveals Salesforce Communities

By August 14, 2012Latest News

As of yesterday, August 13th, Salesforce completed it’s acquisition of Buddy Media. This past year, Salesforce has been scooping up social media companies and perhaps today they are unveiling what they may be up to.

Today Salesforce announced the launch of Salesforce Communities, a private enterprise social media platform. This new platform will allow for a private social community to be created by Salesforce customers. Users can have one identity and use it across multiple private communities to interact with their customers, partners, and vendors. Salesforce Communities will include real-time feeds, trending topics, recommendations and influence measurement. It will include cloud-based processes and database services that are already in use by Salesforce customers.

It’s essentially combining the best of Salesforce with the power of a social networking tool like Facebook and making it the ultimate sales tool.

Salesforce Communities will be available in a limited pilot run this coming fall and will be generally available to everyone in the second half of 2013.

To learn more about Salesforce Communities, please visit: