Winter ’13 Features – Part II

By September 1, 2012Latest News

Last week, we shared some of our favorite updates to the newest version of Salesforce, Winter ‘13. Of course, that wasn’t nearly enough room to describe everything we at Eustace love about it!

Here are 5 more updates to watch for:

  • Exportable Joined Reports

Joined reports are now exportable to Excel! The data from the report is grouped, filtered, etc in the same way that it was in your browser.

  • Joined Reports on Dashboards

Joined reports in Winter ‘13 are allowed as components of Dashboard. This allows users to show a joined report on a dashboard just by selecting the appropriate chart.

  •  Scatter Charts on Dashboards

Scatter charts are now available to showcase your data, although the function will have limitations–for example, users are unable to sort by labels or values.

  • Salesforce Touch (Beta)

Everyone is going mobile! Salesforce Touch is an attempt to fix the current sfdc mobile app. As of now, it will only be available for the iPad (though judging from how many of those we saw at Inbound, that shouldn’t be a problem). It will allow the user to work with real-time data to edit records, manage projects, and talk with coworkers on Chatter.

  • Visualforce Charting

Available to all Salesforce users, Visualforce charting builds complex charts with VisualForce–including area, gauge, radar, and scatter charts.

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Which feature are you most excited for? Did any of your thoughts on Idea Exchange come to fruition in Winter ’13? Let us know in the comments!