Case Study: Salesforce Custom File Management Solution | Triumvirate Environmental

By May 28, 2013Latest News

We’re proud to highlight a custom solution we designed for one of our clients, Triumvirate Environmental.


Wanting to use standard Salesforce document and file management, there was no way to wrap a process around a document.
As an environmental company, Triumvirate has many legal processes and procedures.


We developed a custom visualforce insert on Account to allow the ability to not only store documents in the standard salesforce manner, but also wrap an entire process around each document. This way, there is accountability and any potential hurdles can be overcome by knowing where the document is at any point and time, what stage it is at, and how many days it has been outstanding.

Account_ Good Samaritan Medical Center ~ - Enterprise Edition-1

After that, they needed a component to be created. We couldn’t quite fit everything on a dashboard, so we created a new visualforce page and tab to show them the informaton they needed: - Enterprise Edition-1

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