Salesforce ‘Files’: What and Why

By September 8, 2013Latest News

Salesforce has been making some big moves lately: recently its DreamForce ’13 conference was pushed back to November, but exciting product changes are already being announced. Recently SFDC relaunched its Chatterbox file storage system as “Salesforce Files,” a more streamlined tool with a bevy of breakthrough features:

  • Full integration with Google Drive and, allowing users to access files from all three platforms from within FilesĀ 6a00e54ee3905b8833017c31f66107970b-320wi
  • A “social feed” of added files
  • Mobile access
  • Promised secure sharing

After months of competing with like services, the developers of Files realized that the key was not to compete with such services, but rather join them. The new Files does something the others don’t: it allows users to keep existing databases, while centralizing all company information. The “social feed” tolls points to similarities with SFDC’s Chatter, allowing users to collaborate with coworkers outside or their branch or department. Because it will have advanced mobile capabilities, this can be done even on-the-go.

Files is currently available only in beta, but will be widely available in February 2014. Pricing for the service will be available upon release, but the service will be integrated into SFDC’s other platforms, not stand-alone.

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