salesforce Hubspot connector V2 highlights

By March 23, 2012Latest News

Hubspot is a marketing automation tool backed by and a product we love to implement for our clients. A few months ago, Hubspot released their V2 Connector for Below are a list of highlights of the V2 connector. We held off on making this post until trying it for ourselves, and believe us, it is a monumental upgrade:

Speed Improvements:
By fully utilizing the framework, much work and optimization has been done to speed up and make the salesforce-Hubspot connector near real-time.

Full lifecycle reporting:
One of the best features of Hubspot is taking Google Analytics-type data and extending it and tying it with data. Tracking your website vists to closed sales is an extremely powerful tool. The new connector takes it a step further where as previously, you could only do your closed loop reporting from if the lead came in via a Hubspot form. With the V2 connector, it doesn’t matter where your lead comes in or how it comes in, Hubspot now will be able to tie visits and analytics to any deal.

New email engine:
Hubspot has now implemented a brand new email marketing engine that allows for creating buckets of data for email marketing. Previous functionality is also included, with the ability to trigger drip marketing to your prospects

You can read even more about the connector by following this link: