Dreamforce Keynote Highlights 2016

By October 13, 2016Latest News
Our very own Jen Blair, Salesforce World Champion on display!

Our very own Jen Blair, Salesforce World Champion on display!

Every year, Dreamforce brings professionals together at the world’s largest tech conference for software in San Francisco, CA. Each year, Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff shares the company’s newest innovations and ideas for the future.  Benioff expressed how Salesforce helps you become a Customer Trailblazer, and through an inspiring and educational address, discussed the long list of Salesforce’s newest features.

Customer Trailblazer: a phrase commonly displayed around Dreamforce, suggests that you can be someone that drives innovations and improves your company with the use of Salesforce technology. Benioff shared that anyone can become a Customer Trailblazer by using Salesforce to take control of his or her future. Through Trailhead, anyone can learn about Salesforce by following several product knowledge or leadership trails, making the opportunity to become a true Customer Trailblazer within anyone’s reach. Benioff also stressed that equality is “a core tenet of how we run our business.” At Salesforce, employees and customers are treated equally, and the 1-1- 1 philanthropic model gives “1% of our time, 1% of our product, and 1% of our equity back to the community.”

There’s no denying that the world is smarter, and as technology continues to progress, customers expect more. Benioff assured audience members that people expect smart experiences, and programs like Salesforce allow for every interaction between customers and companies to be connected and intelligent. Through the Customer Success Platform, Salesforce’s eight leading business applications are built onto one platform. Through Salesforce’s programs, the key five tenets of intelligence, productivity, speed, mobility, and connectivity bring companies and customers together.

What’s New?

Benioff’s keynote continued with an explanation of Salesforce’s newest offers. Einstein – the first comprehensive AI for CRM – is the world’s smartest CRM solution. As you learn more about costumers, you can discover insights, predict outcomes, and recommend solutions. In order to keep your many customers organized, Quip manages all of your shared document, spreadsheets, and tasks in one central location. These interactions can transform from “transactional to conversational” with Salesforce LiveMessage, bringing texting into salesforce to create a dialogue that resolves issues faster and leave clients happier.

Salesforce’s newest innovations include Commerce Cloud, a reinvented way of growing cloud commerce, creating a “seamless screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-2-10-51-pmcustomer experience” across computers, cell phones, social networks, and in-store. Speaking of cell phones, the Salesforce1 Mobile App allows you to run your business directly from your phone, and My Salesforce1brands the app to match your company’s own look! While allowing you to gather information and interact efficiently with your customers, Salesforce has also made it possible to collect information from the products, devices, and sensors your customers are connected to.  Using the IoT Cloud powered by Thunder, massive quantities of data can be processed efficiently so you can engage proactively with your customers in real-time.

Benioff also mentioned advancements in older technologies, like Salesforce Lightning, a  builder and ecosystem that makes building and deploying apps faster and important actions more focused. The innovation never stops with Salesforce, and the keynote at Dreamforce ’16 gave such innovation a chance to be further recognized. Benioff’s address showed all that Salesforce has to offer, in hopes of making company and customer satisfaction easier to maintain, because after all, “The business of business is to improve the state of the world.”

All quotes taken from Heike Young’s “Our Path Together: A Recap of Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce’16 Keynote.”