Salesforce Launches “Performance Accelerator” in Sales Cloud

By July 17, 2013Latest News

In an effort to help sales professionals improve their performance, Salesforce has added a Performance Accelerator tool to its Sales Cloud. The Accelerator is meant to give sales people more data and feedback about their performance, non-invasively integrated into the SFDC toolbox.

The tool has two components, a formula which Salesforce has called,  “clean data + the right resources and people + coaching, motivation, feedback.”: it combines powerful, targeted lead data from, and feedback tools from SFDC’s is an extensive B2B database with D&B info on millions of contacts, so its integration into the Accelerator means that SFDC customers who feel their pipelines don’t have enough Opportunities will be flooded with possibility. On the other side, SFDC’s provides users with tools to help form business goals, give motivation, and real-time performance coaching and feedback; its inclusion into the Accelerator could help teams that may have a clogged sales pipeline due to certain inefficient players, or it may just help individuals or teams that are losing deals, but aren’t sure where exactly they’re going wrong.

According to Salesforce, the new tool can improve sales by as much as 28%, for companies that were using the Sales Cloud already. Although certain elements of both tools had been integrated into the Cloud previously, this deeper integration provides a fool-proof solution to pipeline problems. The new features will be present in the SFDC mobile app as well, so users will be able to maintain this high level of performance on the go. The tool is currently available, and for a limited time SFDC is offering a promotional price.

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How will this new tool impact your performance? Do you plan to introduce it to your sales teams? Let us know in the comments!