Salesforce Launches Updates

By October 23, 2013Latest News

Last week a new application in Salesforce was released and it’s loaded with innovative features that can help your company amplify winning behaviors and connect to your customers in a whole new way! Customers who currently use will be upgraded to the new on Salesforce product starting in January and you will be able to take full advantage of these amazing features:

Powerful real-time report and dashboard capabilities on all application data

  • This means that every step of your sales culture and every deal can be captured in dashboards that layout a systematic approach to make reps more productive, which can lead to higher quotes and close rates, and bigger deals. Also, it is easier to manage the performance process, spot trends, and share information with the right people in summary form.


Deliver Consistent Coaching Across all of your Sales Reps

  • Imagine every sales rep in your company connecting with your company goals and each other to achieve success. This creates a culture where your best sales managers suddenly become sales coaches so reps get connected with managers like never before. You can also drive your sales performance by linking goals to real-time data from any Salesforce application to keep everyone up to date on the metrics that matter.

sales reps connecting to company goals






Best Reps Rewarded Immediately When Great Work Happens & Real-Time Feedback From Managers at the end of Each Deal

  • What does recognizing a job well done do for your company? If your best sales reps receive social recognition for great work, it helps show the behaviors and tactics that close deals so now everyone can emulate those top performers.

reps commended immediaetly







Quick and Easy Performance Summaries

  • quickly gathers data and feedback for you so you never have to start from scratch when writing a performance summary review.








A New Extensible User Profile

  • Customers can use the new user profile to share any time of information about team members with the company.¬†With these profiles, employees can also reflect on their expertise, goals, and sales performance right inside Chatter, which helps build their reputation.

Other Cool Info about the New

  • Everything is easily done in the same apps sales, service, and marketing teams use everyday
  • With the new, 30% more reps achieve quota
  • +35% faster sales rep onboarding

When you amplify your winning behaviors, you amplify your results. Transform your sales performance with the new To learn more about Salesforce click here!