Salesforce + Oracle = Like!

By June 25, 2013Latest News

Today announced a nine-year partnership with longtime rival Oracle. The deal will result in a balanced and powerful fusion of two leading CRM softwares, and will incorporate all three “tiers” of cloud computing: “applications, infrastructure, and platform.” This integration of clouds will surely

On the Oracle side, the company announced that it will integrate their Fusion HCM (their fastest-growing cloud app) and Financial Cloud with SFDC’s application and platform. Fusion is the company’s fastest-growing cloud app, and along with the highly-successful Financial Cloud, the Salesforce platform will get a huge amount of exposure.

In return, SFDC will standardize “on the¬†Oracle Linux operating system, Exadata engineered systems, the Oracle Database and Java Middleware Platform,” as well as implementing the Fusion CRM and Financial Cloud systems internally. Although SFDC already uses Oracle at the core of many of its systems, this new level of integration will ensure that customers can share data across both systems like never before.

The deal likely went through–despite the companies’ feud–because both Oracle and SFDC users seek interoperability and increased integration between both softwares. According to Information Week, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff released a statement saying the deal would provide customers with,¬†“the simplicity of and the power of Oracle.” All of the data that an SFDC customer keeps in Salesforce will now be share-able with Oracle’s applications; although this partnership has the obvious advantage of making the product more appealing to potential buyers, we at Eustace Consulting can’t help but feel a bit special–It always makes us smile when softwares think with their users in mind!


Do you think this was a fair deal for Salesforce? What result of the partnership are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!