salesforce Outlook connector retiring – how does Einstein compare?

By February 2, 2023Blog

As many of you know, salesforce is now retiring their Outlook Connector for salesforce

How does Einstein Activity Capture compare to how Outlook sync works?  Are there any additional costs?

Einstein Activity Capture is included in your salesforce license cost.  However, there are a few drawbacks to using EAC.

  • EAC does NOT use standard object (Activities, Events)
    • This causes problems in the following ways:
      • Difficult reporting – not following the standard Task/Event/Activity process you are likely reporting on today.
      • Migrating away from EAC after implementing will cause you to lose your old data
      • There is a limited storage of activities – 2 years worth – historical reporting is limited.
  • Here at Eustace Consulting, we recommend Groove.  It has a very minimalist interface, with loads of other tools to boot!
  • If you’re interested in discussing the differences between the 2, or want a demonstration, feel free to reach out – we’re happy to help!