salesforce Professional workflow now included!

By February 24, 2016Latest News

Our wishes have come true!  PE edition of will now allow for workflow, profiles, and page layouts coming Q2 FY17!

Here is a breakout of the new editions as well as other features.  Keep in mind there is a price hike, but with the added features, it is worth it!

Lightning Professional Edition offers Workflow Automation, which will allow your company to work more efficiently by adding in tasks to Salesforce that would have previously been done by hand. Secondly, this edition will provide you with Unlimited Apps and Tabs, that will aid in organization for your company! Last but certainly not least Custom Profiles and Page Layouts will be available to the new Professional Editions to enhance the look and use of your Salesforce.

Lightning Enterprise Edition offers 25 Developer Sandboxes, this will help with more testing before anything crucial is pushed into production. This edition is also offering Mobile 2 Factor Identity that will now allow system administrators to set up a two factor authentication when users log in. A Partial Sandbox will be available to this edition, which includes all of your organizations metadata and adds a selected amount of your productions data (ex. reports, dashboards, price books, apps and customizations under Setup, custom object records…and many more!) into a sandbox template.

Lightning Unlimited Edition offers 100 Developer Sandboxes to aid in developing, testing and even training. In this edition a Live Agent Web Chat will be at your assistance at all times! A Partial Sandbox will also be available to this edition.