Salesforce Pushes App Development with “ Mobile Developer Week”

By April 9, 2013Latest News

With the recent release of HTML-5, both small start-ups and large corporations are rushing to rise to the challenge of app development. has recently made a concentrated effort to cater to its mobile users–reportedly conducting mobile developer events in 37 cities around the world, as well as launching a new “Mobile Accelerator Training Program.” All of these efforts are part of the company’s Mobile Developer Week, happening later this month–and, we hope, annually!

But the big news is SFDC recent announcement that it will be strengthening its mobile software development kit–encouraging its users to expand its horizons on the mobile frontier. Part of this improvement is the release of “quick start” packs to kick-start HTML-5 app development efforts. The new mobile packs support three lightweight mobile frameworks–jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js and AngularJS–and are now available on GitHub. As Salesforce itself says:

“Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.0 – The open source project will make it easier than ever for any enterprise developer to securely connect enterprise data to any mobile app – native, hybrid or HTML5 – on any iOS or Android device. The SDK also enables HTML5-based apps to leverage device features like the camera and geolocation, and provides additional libraries for key enterprise requirements such as authentication and secure offline storage.”

This exciting news means that ease of development will be improved for the company’s mobile developers–and, true to their mission, SFDC is continuing to offer their customers an unprecedented level of variety and choice within the possibility of development.

The final piece of this mobile puzzle is the upcoming release of Salesforce SDK 2.0–According to, the update will make it possible for developers to link business system data such as a SFDC CRM (customer relationship management) system to mobile applications–whether native, HTML5 or hybrid. The inclusion of HTML-5 in this kit will be sure to make the app quite interesting–such apps will be able to integrate on-device features–such as cameras–and the capability for secure, offline storage space. This pack will be open source, and widely available from Github in June of 2013.


Are you planning on using’s SDK 2.0? What feature of HTML-5 are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!