Salesforce Responds to Natural Disasters with Public Sector Mobile Apps

By May 23, 2013Latest News

In the wake of the horrible natural disasters this past week, Salesforce has released a new set of mobile apps designed for public sector agencies and emergency response efforts.


Reportedly, these apps were created to improve the communication pipeline between emergency responders and citizens, as they allow for real-time updates on any type of mobile device. This would not only help citizens in crisis feel safer, but also gives responders more accurate, up-to-date information regarding any emergency.

The line of apps includes:311-iphone-220x398

  • Rapid Response 311: This app provides citizens with a direct connection to a variety of government officials, as a user can report an issue that needs to be fixed within their neighborhood. For example, someone could submit a request that a road be fixed and attach a photo of the issue; this request would then be sent to the appropriate department, giving the option to contact the user for more information.
  • Mobile Communities for Government: Using Salesforce Communities, government agencies (and external partners) can now create both private and social communities for more streamlined communication with other departments, agencies, external partners, and citizens.
  • Government Social Command Center: This platform gives government agencies the power to discover true public opinion by providing one place in which all social discussion can be viewed on mobile devices. Built on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this app allows users to not zero-in on small issues, but view the impact of larger policies over a longer period of time.
  • Platform Mobile Services for Government: Salesforce wanted to find a way for agencies to expedite projects, which in turn could result in more revenue and fewer layoffs. This platform will provide an easy way for government IT departments to build and deploy apps for cloud-based sharing and storage, allowing their agencies to let more employees work from home.

According to TNW, Salesforce currently has more than 500 government agencies using its services, including the US Census Bureau, the Food and Drug Administration, and the City of Boston. All apps are available now on the Salesforce App Exchange.

At times like this, we at Eustace Consulting are so very proud to be Salesforce partners. During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with those in affected areas, especially the Oklahoma tornado victims and their families.