Salesforce Spring 16 Marketing & Analytics Cloud Highlights

By January 22, 2016Latest News

Salesforce Spring ’16 has been released and we are excited to present to you some of the new features it includes! Here we will introduce features new to the Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud and presenting the Lightning Experience.

Marketing Cloud


Predictive Journeys 

Connect data science with the customers own behavior! Use Predictive Scoring to analyze the amount of times an email was opened or clicked, unsubscribe to an email or how often purchases are made.


The most recent addition to mobile products! Here you can manage multiple apps while connecting one-to-one with customers using Rich Messaging. In this type of messaging you can include up to six different CTA’s easily onto layouts to communicate with your customer!


Customize your own dashboard with the most important and recent data. This feature has a focus on analyzing data more efficiently!           Ex. A dashboard has data about “Conversations about the product”, from that piece of data you will be able to find out where the conversations are taking place, and how many have a negative or positive rating, etc.


Analytics Cloud


Wave Analytics for Communities

Embed dashboards and reports into community pages to increase your partners productivity!


Wave Flex Dashboard Designer

Create queries easily! As well as create beautiful dashboards for any presentation.

Sales Wave Pipeline Trending 

With this NEW interface, Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Reps can now track a historical pipeline performance to assess future sales opportunities and inform risk factories from the analyzed data.

Admin Access to Personal Folders

With this new feature admins access to any users Lightning reports and dashboards. This will be a useful feature because it will allow admins to clean-up all inactive users reports and dashboards.


Lightning Experience

New Intelligent Interface!

We have been reviewing the new Lightning Experience and some exciting features it includes:

Opportunity Workspace offers a new kanban tool to visually track your opportunities easier! Administrators can customize the Sales Path to match the customers needs to close the deal more efficiently.



Save time by using the Activity Timeline to view open tasks, planned meetings and accomplishments. Or view details of the open tasks, tasks due that day and closed tasks with the improved Task List feature.

A feature that we have found very exciting is the Enhanced Notes. You can now create detailed notes with new image attachments and auto-save capabilities that can then be related to multiple records.

A new version of the Data Wizard Import has been released! It combines all of the functionality of the previous import wizard into one browser. Now you can import a variety of objects, person accounts, contacts from one wizard! As well as update a campaign members status right from the same wizard.