Salesforce Spring 16 Sales & Service Cloud Highlights

By January 20, 2016Latest News

downloadSalesforce Spring ’16 has been released and we are excited to present to you some of the new features it includes! Here we will be dividing the features into ones that are new to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

Sales Cloud


Mobile: Do More On The Go

NEW! Access and update information at any time with the new offline for mobile feature. Records can now be accessed and edited without internet access, and once a connection becomes available all of the updated information will sync automatically.

On the mobile feature you can access Enhanced Charts that are now more interactive with dynamic filters that allow you to analyze the data quicker. 

Is it safe?  Yes! Two factor authentication have been added to this feature to provide the strongest protection to your Org.


Update Converted Leads! *Available for Salesforce Classic*

Sales teammates with special privileges can now update fields and picklist for leads already converted. With this new function you can easily access leads to track and update them as needed!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.01.22 AM



Connect with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange to automatically create contacts from your address book and pull activities associated with the contact. Bring CRM data to your inbox, where you can edit data directly from your inbox!

New intelligence fields in SalesforceIQ allow you to see which opportunities need attention and can accelerate productivity.

Get Mass Email Opt-Out Indicators Before You Send

Now users can easily find out whether email recipients have opted out of receiving mass email with a new indication feature! If the new field is selected on a record and the user adds that recipient to the email, there will be an indicator that shows it has opted out.


Service Cloud


Work Orders for Field Service

NEW! Now when a support case is created, the call center agent has a complete view of the lifecycle of the product or asset and can quickly create a work order task, which is automatically routed to the field technician for seamless field level support.

Multi-Component Assets

For even more seamless field level support, assets now have subcomponents to allow the field technician quicker access to which component needs to be repaired.  As an added bonus, work orders can be applied to these subcomponents!

Hierarchy for Assets 

NEW! Introduce up to 50 levels of hierarchy to assets with around 2,000 available child assets. Use this new feature to correspond assets and child assets to work orders easily!

Live Agent *For Salesforce Classic*

NEW! Available for Organizations created after June 14th, 2012, Live Agent lets service organizations connect with customers or website visitors in real time through a Web-based, text-only live chat.

Community Templates

Community Templates offer new object support and file sharing by choosing which group collaborates on the object. This allows users to communicate more efficient with a seamless interface.


Community Cloud


Chatter in Community Template

Feed, Publisher and Groups features can be added to an individual user profile page.

Page Manager in Community Builder

Select from up to 8 different layouts to create a unique community experience! *A great tip* Use customized keywords in the description of your community to enhance search engine optimization.

Shield for Community Cloud

Securely store and share data with this new encryption feature! Even enable specific users to view the encrypted data.