Salesforce Summer 12 Release Highlights Part 2

By April 24, 2012Latest News

Previously we discussed the improvements to’s Chatter.

For this post we are going to focus on a couple of changes to the Sales Cloud. The first big change is an exciting one and has been requested on’s Customer Community. Summer 12 includes a new feature called Shared Activity, which allows your sales representatives to relate tasks to up to ten individual contacts.

With the Shared Activities enabled, your users will have more flexibility with their tasks and reporting. For example, when viewing a report on activity metrics, they will now be able to view all of their meetings and it will also include every contact associated with that meeting.

Additional improvements were also at the request of’s Customer Community. According to the Summer 12 Release notes, “you asked for it” and you will receive improved ways for your users to find and select products. This includes keeping selections across search results pages, having a Go to Page field and A-Z links, showing the number of search results pages and displaying more than 25 products per page. has also improved navigation so that your users can now move between product list pages using Previous and Next links.

They do mention that beginning with Summer 12, only administrators can customize columns in the products search results list.

One quick note about Approval Requests:

Previously when you processed approval requests, if you received an error message email, you could reply to that error message email. Now when resubmitting, reply only to the original approval email. Replies to the error notification email will not be processed to avoid endless looping caused by automated email responses, like out of office messages.

These were the major points in the Sales Cloud portion of the Summer 12 Release notes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss other changes and improvements to, contact Eustace Consulting to speak with one of our Certified Administrators.