Salesforce Visualforce to Lightning – Revamp your org

By March 3, 2023Blog
In 2015, Salesforce released its new Lightning experience with the goal to reduce the barrier to entry. As with any new software, there were
some growing pains.
Flash forward to 2023, the Lightning experience is practically a no-brainer.
Visualforce Lightning
Difficult to adjust code Easier to maintain
More reliant on developers More manageable for admins
Custom code required Out of the box
Out-dated Lessens the load on developers
Over the past 8 years, Lightning has matured, adding features such as
“Screen Flows” that help streamline the process.
The biggest upside to this migration is that it turns developer work into far
more manageable admin work. Yes, you are going to have to scrap a lot (if not all) of your custom code within Visualforce, but this clunky code will be
replaced by far more use-friendly Screen Flows.
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