Segment your salesforce knowledge articles by audience

By March 30, 2017Latest News

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.17.01 PMIn the past week, we’ve had two run-ins with clients facing this issue

The use case:  The end clients have a salesforce Knowledge implementation behind a salesforce community login.  While they only have one central salesforce Knowledgebase, there are many audiences to deliver the content to.  And specific audiences should be granted or denied access to certain articles based on their role or level with the client.  Lastly, search must respect these rules and only return results which are relevant to the audience.

The solution:  The solution here is to create a new Data Category (such as “Role”) that has children categories that we want to segment the articles by (such as “Shipper”, “Carrier”, “3rd Party”, etc).

Once the category is setup, you’ll want to go through your articles and tag them with the proper Role category. If an article should be shown to everyone you can flag the Role as All, but if it should be shown to just a subset of Roles then you would want to add each Role that you want it to show for.

Once the articles are properly categorized, you then want to go into setup and adjust the Default Data Category Visibility (search for that in the Settings Quick Search) for the Roles Category. Click Edit next to the Roles category and change the Visibility to None. This will make it so no one can see any articles that have that category assigned.

Once the default is set, you can now go into each Profile and adjust their Category Group Visibility Settings for the Role category. Click Edit next to the Role category, change the Visibility to Custom and then choose the subcategories that you want to make available to that role.

Upon logging in as someone with a given role you’ll see that they can only search for and view the articles where the Role category is set to a value to which they have access. (NOTE: If the Role category is set to All for an article, then anyone who has access to any of the children categories will be able to see that article.)

We hope this solution assists you in getting your knowledge properly segmented.  If you have any other needs with your salesforce knowledge implementation, salesforce communities, or salesforce in general, fill out the form to the right and we’d be happy to work with you!