Small Companies Need a CRM Too!

By January 13, 2013Latest News

One of the questions we get most often from prospective clients here at Eustace is, “Do I need Salesforce?” When considering using the software for a small company or business, its powerful CRM capabilities can seem a little like overkill. As a company of only 5 people ourselves, we at Eustace definitely understand. But even if you have fewer than 10 people in your company or business, brings some great benefits that will make your daily operations smoother, quicker, and better in the years to come.


Here are 5 ways in which SFDC  would benefit your small company:

  • It can prepare you for growth.

If you’re small now, chances are you have plans of growing in the future. Make it easier on your future-self by converting all of your paper books into electronic records while they’re of manageable size. Even if your records are already electronic, bringing your data to Salesforce means they are off of your fallible hard drives and into the stable, perfectly-accessible “cloud.” Additionally, using Salesforce as your CRM gateway will save the hassle of eventually developing an internal IT infrastructure when you’ve grown.

  • It’s browser-based.

This means that it’s easy to set-up, learn, and use. Unlike client-server software, SFDC doesn’t require any long installations and new programs, it’s just a matter of navigating to a website. There’s no representative needed to come install equipment, and virtually no wait–the software can be purchased and used in the same day. Additionally, with the recent addition of so many mobile features, you can use SFDC from any mobile device–which is especially useful for those that travel often for work, or for delivery-based service businesses, such as florists or landscapers.


  • It doesn’t have to be big, or expensive.

A CRM doesn’t have to break the bank. Salesforce offers inexpensive starter packages for as low as $50/month, and even has a “pay as you go” monthly option for added flexibility. In our experience, this option of being very low-commitment and with a low upfront investment often directly addresses the concerns of small business owners.

  • It helps you better serve your customers.

As a small company, your customers are one of the most important aspects of your operations–you probably even know most of them by name or face. However, this doesn’t mean that your business is too intimate for a CRM–on the contrary, implementing one will help you serve your customers even better. Salesforce can help you keep track of contact with customers, manage their orders effectively, create a more advanced, personalized experience, and even gain some new customers.

  • It’s already integrated with products you use and love.

Online resources are now available for every major sect of a business–from accounting to marketing. Salesforce has joined forces with the best of these tools, such as Quickbooks and Hubspot, to give you a seamless level of operational efficiency. How great (and easy) would it be to have social media, customer service, accounting, and more all in one place? (hint: you can!)


Still not convinced that your business would benefit from a CRM? Contact us and speak with an expert! We’re ready to listen.