The New Experience

By October 11, 2012Latest News

In the wake of BoxWorks 2012,’s annual conference in San Francisco, the file storage site released “The New Box Experience“–a new set of features designed to make the user experience as easy as possible. From cosmetic, to social, to operational, these new updates put the user at the helm of their own personalized Box experience.

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Here is a rundown of the new ways to use the site:

New Look

Box’s look is all new, with a useful, redesigned header at the top of every page. It will help users keep track of their most recent notifications, tasks, and messages from collaborators. The search feature is now front and center, making it easier than ever to find files relevant to you.

New Ways to Connect

As with fellow companies like Hubspot and Salesforce, Box is developing in a more social direction–past developments include tagging colleagues in a Twitter-like fashion, commenting on files like you would a post on Facebook, and more. The most recent changes contribute to this atmosphere even further; your collaborators are all in a sidebar to the right, highlighting your most recent 3 and allowing the rest to be easily accessed. Similar to Google+, collaborators can be sorted into groups such as colleagues, clients, and more. Additionally, to further “collaboration around content,” users can now “like” their contacts’ files just like a post on Facebook.

New “Box Edit”

It’s coming out of beta! Box Edit is the easiest way to modify a file stored on the site–images, spreadsheets, word documents, anything. Integrating Microsoft Office products, you can now edit documents on within, just as you would on your desktop. This means no more playing the download-edit-upload game every time your boss needs a revision done.


All of these new developments will be discussed more in the coming days by BoxWorks 2012 attendees, so make sure to keep an eye on the Twitter hashtag #BoxWorks for the latest news!