The Parity of Business Size and Business Software

By March 12, 2015Latest News

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.43.30 PMRecently, I took a trip out to the Hubspot offices to meet with some of the Partner team, and we got to discussing salesforce automation, marketing automation and the illusion that company size has an effect on what software should be adopted.

Here at Eustace Consulting, I’ve received many inquiries. “Is my company to small for” or “Is my company too big for Hubspot”? There are many players in the CRM and Marketing Automation space, and to be sure, one size does not fit all. However, given the model of SaaS (software-as-a-service) and the power of the internet, neither of which is true!

Given the new legislation that has passed for net neutrality and SaaS, speed is no longer a factor assuming you have a decent internet connection because you will no longer be able to be throttled, and software is available on demand, removing the cost and maintenance of on-premise hardware, and expensive installations and upgrades.

Salesforce gives a great analogy when giving standard sales presentations. Think of the software as living in a gated community. Because of the pooled money, individuals in that community are able to enjoy a communal gym, pool, etc that could not be afforded individually. Using this model, Hubspot and salesforce are able to provide Enterprise-class applications at affordable pay-as-you-go pricing. They also offer 3 tiers each, to truly fit within any budget.

In summary, salesforce is not meant for only large business, or even businesses with a specific revenue. We’ve done implementations for companies as small as 1-2 people and as large as 1000+ people.
On the Hubspot side, they have signifigantly expanded their functionality to go toe-to-toe with Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua.
The beauty of these tools is not only the pay-as-you go models, but the ability for the software to scale as your company grows.

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