THREE Benefits of Cloud Computing for ONLY Big Businesses

By January 11, 2012Latest News

 Am I the only one who thinks bigger businesses seem to be left out in all of this cloud-talk? The cloud, to me, seems to be marketed towards smaller and medium-sized businesses only. A quick Google search of “cloud benefits” reaps hundreds of articles slanted towards the small-to-medium sized businesses and leaves the big guys out completely. Why are we forgetting about them? Can’t the cloud be good for everyone?Maybe moving to the cloud seems to be a bigger risk, possibly even inconceivable to big businesses. I mean, you can’t deny that they will be investing much more money in taking this step, don’t you agree? Yet, it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Hundreds of larger corporations are on the cloud. Avon, Nike, and Coca-Cola are some examples of these larger corporations incorporating cloud-based software.Many people don’t know that big businesses with 10,000+ employees can move to the cloud and it is very safe and beneficial to do so.Here’s a list of some of the three key benefits of cloud computing specifically for larger corporations:

  • ENVIRONMENT- I already touched upon this topic here and the bigger the business, the greener cloud storage is for it.
  • BE A SMALL BUSINESS AND A BIG BUSINESS- Big businesses can do as small businesses do on the cloud. The downside of big business is the structure and procedure, but times and ideas move much more rapidly with more open communication brought about by cloud computing. As mentioned in this article here, the cloud “[enables] employees to work wherever they want, in any part of the world (as long as they have an Internet connection.).” Talk about convenience! Do you think we can all start working on tropical islands somewhere? Wouldn’t that be something!
  • MORE GREEN!- No, we’re not talking about the environment again here, we’re talking about MONEY! We can compare the cost of in-house storage versus the cheaper monthly set rate of cloud computing but that’d be a benefit for ALL business types. Specifically for big business, ENERGY costs go down with cloud computing because they don’t need to power multiple giant server rooms. We’re talking about millions of dollars saved in electricity, here. Oh, and with all of this internal messaging via cloud-based software, corporations will be paying less on email and other workflow tools.
So what do you think? Anything I missed? Let’s make sure big businesses aren’t afraid of the cloud- there are true benefits JUST for them!