Top 5 Browser Plugins for the Business Professional

By December 13, 2014Latest News

Below is a list of 5 browser plugins we’ve found to be extremely efficient and time-saving, not to mention cool functionality to boot!

Go To Meeting for Google Calendar Plugin
After many iterations of not being fully functional, GoToMeeting released a working version of their google calendar plugin and it is awesome! No more opening up a separate application for scheduling a meeting and copying and pasting contents. More importantly, it takes the parameters from your calendar request and sends that right to the go to meeting! Easy peasy!

Sick and tired of remembering passwords for all your cloud applications?  LastPass is a great, secure solution for remembering your passwords.

If you’re looking for more of an enterprise-grade application, we’d recommend Okta.  We use Okta internally here at Eustace and love it. Sandbox Favicon Extension

This is a simple, yet very useful plugin for a salesforce developer or administrator.  By adding a simple “S” to the cloud favicon, it makes life easy when flipping back and forth between sandbox and production orgs.


Colorzilla is a simple Chrome plugin, aimed at the designer, or anyone that has a need to grab a specific color from a website.  ColorZilla creates an eyedropper tool that will let you get the Hex code of any color on any website, and allow you to apply it to your stylesheets. Chatter Monitor

As someone who doesn’t want to run the Adobe Air application for chatter, the Chatter monitor will provide “toasts” in your browser, alerting you to new chatter posts and mentions.  Lean and lightweight, it helps us stay on top of our conversations without being intrusive.

Do you have any other recommendations for Chrome Plugins?  We’re actively looking for a replacement for, which allows linkage between gmail and  Kloudless purchased, but in our opinion, it doesn’t do what we need to do.