Trailhead – salesforce free training

By June 1, 2015Latest News

As someone who had never used Salesforce before, Trailhead was a huge asset in understanding all of the necessary information about the platform in an enjoyable and interesting manner.

The program consists of two categories, “Admin Trail” and “Developer Trail,” both with beginner and intermediate levels. The user can choose to go through the program from the beginning to the end, or can decide which category he or she falls best in and begin from there.

Screenshot (112)Screenshot (114)


Once the user chooses a trail, he or she is brought to a screen with numerous modules. These modules are then broken down into sub-categories of their own. The category breakdown stops the intake of information from becoming overwhelming and allows users to easily choose what he or she specifically would like to learn about.

Screenshot (116)

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The user is then taken to a page about the chosen topic, which consists of helpful overviews, instructions, diagrams, and videos to enhance the user’s experience. It also includes a list of “Learning Objectives,” which maps out what the user should get from going through the page.Screenshot (117)

After going through the topic’s page, the user is then given a challenge to complete. Instead of just reading the given information, the user is given a hands-on experience and is able to apply the topic directly. These challenges consist of either multiple choice questions on the information given in the topic’s article, or a task for the user to complete within the actual developer, such as creating an object or securing data.

Screenshot (118)

Once completed, the user is awarded a certain number of points: 500 for tasks within the Developer Console and 100-25 for multiple choice depending on how many tries it takes to get all of the answers correct.Screenshot (119)

Trailhead is a unqiue resource of Salesforce that allows for a entertaining and interesting experience in thoroughly learning and exploring the platform in both the Administration and Development fields.