Unlock the Power of Product Bundles and Order Fulfillment in Salesforce: A Cost-Effective Solution

By May 22, 2023Latest News

Are you eager to harness the potential of Product Bundles and streamline order fulfillment within Salesforce, but concerned about the high costs associated with inventory management, RMA, and fulfillment systems?

Perhaps you’re intrigued by Salesforce CPQ, but don’t require its full range of functionalities.

We’ve developed an innovative approach that seamlessly integrates custom objects, components, and screens within Salesforce, offering you a remarkable solution without the need for costly third-party licensing and recurring expenses. Discover how you can optimize your sales processes while maintaining financial prudence.

We’ll walk you through how this functions within salesforce.com through this video and the below highlights.

Create an Opportunity

    • Add Opportunity Products
  • Opportunity Products can be of type “Standard” or “Bundle”
        • A bundle allows for a pre-defined set of products to be further selected and customized
  • Create a Bundle Configuration
      • Configure the specifics of your product bundle
    • Mark the Deal as Closed Won
  • An Order is automatically generated.
  • The Order Items can be Fulfilled with Serialized, Refurbished, or new individual products
  • Add the Tracking Number(s)
  • Ship the Order