Use the New LinkedIn to Get More Leads

By April 2, 2013Latest News

LinkedIn has recently released its new layout–and we’re loving it! The cleaner profiles, enhanced images, and incorporation of rich text bring the platform up-to-date, while still keeping its professional edge. The best part of these new features is that they make it even easier to reconnect with old faces and get introduced to new ones–maintaining LinkedIn’s reputation as one of the¬†sliest¬†ways to bring in new leads.

Here are some highlights from the new layout, and how we at Eustace recommend you use them to bring in more leads:


  • More Images

Following the trend, LinkedIn has enhanced its new layout with loads of images, logos, and graphics. Similar to the Facebook changes, image sizes have been increased to give the whole platform a more Pinterest-esque feel. To enhance your brand’s visibility, make sure that your company page has a logo–it will now show on all of your employees’ profiles, so imagine all the exposure you can get!


  • Rich Media

LinkedIn added a Rich Media tool that allows you to upload all kinds of formats with ease–including blog posts, videos, presentations, and portfolios. If your company has a YouTube channel, bring those videos onto your company page! If you haven’t already, consider creating a presence on Slideshare, and looping those presentations into your page. Additional, relevant information in fun formats will make you stand out to potential clients as more knowledgeable and approachable.


  • New Profile Fields

New profile fields are now an integral part of profiles–such as volunteer work, organizations, and publications. Take full advantage of these fields, and highlight your personal accomplishments outside of work; this makes it more likely to connect with a lead on a personal level, which could bring you new business, even from unlikely sources.


  • CRM Tools

You can now add notes to a connections’ profile, visible only to you. This CRM-like tool makes remembering contacts’ details easy–no more forgetting how you met, or where! Go through your connections and update this now, then keep up with it as you add new ones–you never know when that guy you met at that conference in that place will provide a valuable introduction.


  • New Search Features

You can now search for connections (and their connections) by keyword, making it easier than ever to get introduced to a prospective client. This allows you to be extremely strategic in your introductions–for example, if you want to search by a specific cause or listed interest, now you can! Or, if you know a certain connection always makes introductions for you, now you can search specifically within their connections list for what you are looking for, and not waste time going through connections that may not be comfortable with this practice.


Have you been using these new LinkedIn features? Let us know how in the comments below!