What is salesforce Einstein?

By August 24, 2016Latest News

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.02.28 AMBrowsing the web today, I came across a new article published by Forbes.  This article touches upon the big Dreamforce announcement in October.  Salesforce Einstein.

From the article, it appears that Salesforce Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence play that will be built into the force.com platform.  If we had to gander a guess, the existing product Salesforce IQ, does some simple AI routines.  These routines run the gamut from making recommendations to follow up with an email based on the text within it all the way to reminding you of appointment scheduling.

Perhaps it will encompass some gathering of Social Media data to intelligently bridge relationships, similar to what LinkedIn does.

While we can’t know exactly what Benioff has up his sleeve, it certainly feels like salesforce is going to get a whole lot smarter.

Have any thoughts or ideas of what this could be?  Chime in below!