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By | Latest News | No Comments and Salesforce IntegrationAs a business, you’re focused on streamlining and optimizing your business operations.  So likely, you would benefit from a way to easily exchange files between you and your customers and partners through with the added security of the platform.

With, the leading enterprise file exchange software and Salesforce as the leading customer success software, there is a clear need for the two to integrate nicely with one another, allowing for that easy file exchange dream to become reality.  However, as separate entities, when businesses use for file exchange with users through Salesforce, there is a tedious workflow of creating individual accounts, passwords, and wasted time on both ends … until now!


*Enter Eustace Consulting For Salesforce Communities* Our team has worked diligently to write a custom integration which allows businesses to upload and download files from users through their Salesforce Community Portal in an interface where the user never even knows is handling the file sharing.  Enjoy the file security and encryption provided by Box with the convience of communities



Interested in adding this integration to your business’s Salesforce Community Portal? Send us an inquiry and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

Improving Transparency through a Community Portal

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While we’ve had a salesforce community for a few years now, one of our favorite things to promote here at Eustace Consulting is transparency.

When becoming a customer of Eustace Consulting, you will be granted a login to our community portal.


Need to:

Review your proposal?
Pay your invoice?
Review your project hours and how they are being leveraged?
Download the hours for more scrutiny?

Have other ideas about implementing a community portal? Community integration?  Looking to extend your partner network to allow them to submit leads and update deals to keep your pipeline up to date?  All of this is possible with salesforce communities.

You can find all of that here and more in our community portal.  Have a look at the video below for a brief tour of what our portal can do for you.



Single & Mass Text messaging through salesforce and the Zipwhip API

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In this example what we’re highlighting is the ability to send text messages directly through the salesforce interface leveraging the ZipWhip service through their API backend.

Problem:  The problem we are attempting to solve here is that one of our clients found it cumbersome to jump between multiple applications (the Zipwhip client and  The client spends 90% of their day in and wanted to be able to continue to stay within that interface, while unleashing the power of text messaging.

Solution:  Using Lightning Component Development, we developed a clean, user-friendly interface to allow users to send text messages directly to leads or contacts using a familiar interface.  Secondly, we developed the ability to send mass text messaging leveraging templates.  The benefit of these mass text messages is the ability to pull in personalization or any information contained within your org.


Have a watch below to see it in action, and as always, fill out the form to your right if you’d like to find out more about us helping you with your technology needs.


Advologix and integrated harmoniously

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Advologix,  a based CRM for Law Firms certainly does a lot of things right.  From Matters to Case Management, logging time, through full cycle reporting if you’re a law firm – this is the technology stack to build your practice on. , a phenomenal cloud based file sharing and storage platform provides the security and uptime you’re looking for to instill confidence in your clients and keep your data and files safe.

Here comes the rub.  The integration with Advologix and doesn’t work the way you do.  Already have an existing account and moving to Advologix?  Good luck.

Want to auto-create box folder hierarchies based on the Matter Type?  You’re out of luck there, too.  Until now.

With our extensive work with and, we’ve developed several custom solutions that existing law firms are up and running with today.  Watch the video below just to see a sneak-peek of some of the functionality we built.  Interested in more than that?  Fill out the form to your right.




A Negative facebook review helped us close a deal

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With the proliferation of the internet and user-submitted reviews, there have been some mixed opinions on if they are good or bad for business.  Many business owners complain that, on sites like yelp, people are more apt to submit a negative review than a positive review.

We recently had one of these events occur on our facebook page.  What I decided to do was to be fully transparent on a sales call with a big prospect I was working with.  In the end, it ended up benefitting us more than hurting us!

By highlighting the negative review and explaining our thought process, thoroughness and responsiveness, it lent a lot of credibility to our high standards for communication and follow through.  You can see the comment and post in question here, along with our follow through.  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to chime in the comments or let us know through the contact us form:


Eustace Consulting named as one of Drift’s first partners

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Drift, the conversational marketing platform has rolled out their official partner program.  We’re here to announce proudly that we were accepted into the first round of Partners.

What does this mean?  Drift is a conversation marketing tool.  It’s a combination of a live chat and a chatbot on your site.  With full integration to salesforce and Hubspot, it helps to engage your traffic in meaningful conversations.  In fact, we have a sample of it below to your right.

We’ve had and maintained a great relationship with Drift.  Starting out, we developed custom processes on their instance.  Intrigued by their technology, we adopted it, and have some very impressive results, see the below result.  Below is the result of our direct experience with Drift.

Interested in discussing Drift and what it can do for you and your company?  Chat with the bot on the right or fill out the form!


Conga makes strides in digital signature software

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Conga, the maker of the popular and robust Conga Composer,  has announced a new product in their lineup.

CongaSign now allows for digital signatures from your Conga-generated documents.  This is huge news.  We’ve spent time implementing Conga, AdobeSign (previously Echosign), Docusign, and Pandadoc.  We have always liked the all-in-one solution that Pandadoc provides for specific use cases, but now for more complex contracts, Conga Composer + Conga Sign is a great combination.  Watch the video below for more details:

Improving a Financial Institution’s productivity

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Are you a company in high finance, investment banking, or financial advisory?  Do you work with salesforce and

We’ve been noticing a trend of financial institutions that use these technologies.  And they do not play well together.  Until now.

Watch the video below to see our product, Amped in action. amped allows you to associate any folder to any salesforce record, including custom objects!

Feel free to read more about it here, Fill out the form, watch the video, or interact with our chatbot in the lower right!


When should I switch to salesforce lightning?

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Having used salesforce for over 10 years, we’ve become accustomed to using salesforce the way it always has been.  We have clients ask us all the time “when should I switch to lightning?”  To be frank, the time is now.

We’ve been slowly adjusting over the last month from classic to lightning and now is the first time we can truly recommend it, assuming you are not using Product Schedules., as they are not yet supported in lightning, now is a good a time as any.  Previously, there were show stoppers such as the dreaded report bug, iffy performance, and unsupported features.

I often make the joke that I was so happy to get off that horribly addictive drug, Microsoft Outlook.  Using Outlook for many years in the client-server age trained me to work and think in a certain manner.  It wasn’t until I had fully transitioned that I saw all the benefits of moving to Google Apps.  It took me about a month to transition from Outlook to Google Apps, and the same is true from salesforce classic to lightning.  I’ve been splitting my time, but slowly transitioning, and finding the speed to be consistent enough, along with most features.

The biggest thing is the NEW features, especially announced at last week’s Dreamforce.  The biggest one we’ve seen is dynamic lightning pages.  This coupled with any Einstein functionality all are lightning only.  This will be a continuing trend that we will keep seeing as all new features will start to be lightning only.

Looking to make the switch and concerned?  We’ve got you covered.  You can embed visualforce pages in lightning pages, start teaching your development team to do a half-step and begin using the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) , or go full-tilt to true lightning components.

Want to discuss this further?  Hit us up via phone, EC Bot, or the form to your right!


Takeaways from Dreamforce 2017 with animoji commentary

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I’m sure your news feeds have been pummeled with news about Dreamforce 2017, the biggest tech conference in the US.  We’ve broken down and dissected what’s been announced so far, and what we find to be the most intriguing announcements.


(Be sure to hear it straight from the horses mouth, literally, by clicking on the bot to your right!) 

The time for lightning is now

As we highlight in this other blog post, the time to transition to lightning is now.  The coolest thing we saw here was salesforce dynamic lightning pages.  Dynamic lightning pages allow you to show or hide content based on data on the record.  Watch the videos here for some quick recaps

Strategic alliance with Google

Salesforce and Google strengthened their relationship by announcing tighter integration with the G Suite and Analytics products.  A few of the takeaways here are:

  • Salesforce Lightning for Gmail: Salesforce Lightning​ and Gmail will deeply integrate, enabling users to surface relevant Salesforce CRM data in Gmail as well as customer interactions from Gmail directly within Salesforce. High priority emails will be identified and next actions will be suggested based on content within emails, allowing users to service and sell to customers faster than ever before.
    • Our take:  Have a look at the EC Bot to your right for our opinion!
  • Salesforce Lightning for Google Sheets: Salesforce Lightning integrations with Google Sheets will allow users to embed Sheets within Salesforce. In addition, with a single click, users will be able to easily push data from Salesforce Records or Reports to a new Google Sheet. This data will be updated bi-directionally automatically, ensuring everyone has access to the most recent information.
    • Our take:  Have a look at the EC Bot to your right for our opinion
  • Quip Live Apps for Google Drive and Google Calendar: With the new Quip Live Apps for Google Drive and Google Calendar, teams will be able to embed any list of Drive files, including Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, or their Google Calendar inside Quip, enabling users to access information in a more collaborative, open cloud environment.
    • Our take:  Have a look at the EC Bot to your right for our opinion
  • Salesforce for Hangouts Meet: Users will be able to surface relevant customer and account details, service case history and more from Salesforce CRM directly within the Hangouts Meet interface so reps have the insights needed to drive a deal forward or solve a customer service request.
    • Our take:  Have a look at the EC Bot to your right for our opinion

AI takes front and center

Two of the most innovative features announced over the last couple days have been the Einstein Prediction Builder and the Einstein Bots.

As you can see from our little guy over here on the lower right, bots are taking the tech world by storm.  The Einstein Bots claim to run as service chatbots that free up customer service agents to work on more complex edge cases as opposed to the more rote and routine support questions.  Question is, can they get it right?  The most important thing here is Natural Language Processing (NLP) so people can ask questions like people, and not feel like they’re interacting with a robot.  Depending on the outcome, this will either been an enormous success or huge failure

The Einstein Prediction Builder allows companies to create prediction models on any object or field, showing a record’s likelihood to churn, renew, or have a positive experience.  The selling point here is that it’s being done primarily with a point and click interface.  I have a feeling that any of the truly innovative tasks will have to be done using code such as Einstein Language and Einstein Vision, a powerful set of APIs launched in June of this year.