Salesforce Lead To Account Matcher

The Lead to Account Matcher (L2A) is a Salesforce application aimed at assisting teams that use an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, streamlining the process of relating leads and converting leads into existing accounts in your database.  We offer this tool as a one-time fee; no subscription required.

Match your Leads to Existing Accounts

Have leads coming into your Salesforce org for companies that already exist as accounts?  Using our fuzzy logic matching, we can match to an account – even when the name is not entered exactly the same.

Convert all related Leads

When converting a lead to an account, our matcher also looks for matching leads that exist for the company, and allows you to bring over all or none of them, with a click!

Fully Customizable

Because our Lead to Account Matcher is built using custom settings, we give the ability to change matching thresholds, eliminate specific words from the matching algorithm, and change what fields are displayed on the matching layout. All done through user configuration – no code required.