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Of Course There’s a Place for Women in Technology

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When you think of someone who works in the technology field, whom do you picture? Whether people care to admit it or not, their minds probably go to a man working at a computer in a cramped cubicle. Technology remains a male-dominated field, but things are changing. Women are continuing to develop interest in this growing profession. We recently received a message from Tabitha, a 22-year-old entrepreneur in California who wanted to learn more about working in technology. As an owner of a jewelry business, Tabitha sought the information and advice of Eustace Consulting for wise words from real women working in technology. Her growing jewelry business has proven successful. Her concern, however, was whether or not a jewelry business would continue to be sustainable, so she was looking for other options. She asked our very own Jennifer Blair, senior solutions architect, and Heather Sands, senior implementation consultant, about their experiences working in technology in hopes of gaining more information on a field that sparks her interest.


Heather and Jen both congratulated Tabitha not only her interest in technology but her ability to build connections at such a young age. Even though technology continues to grow and become incorporated into just about every business, young women seem to question whether or not they can compete with men looking for the same opportunities. Can they? Of course! Tabitha is a great example. Her persistence and ability to make a name for herself is the first step in building a successful career, no matter what path you choose to take.


Yes, we have more men than women working here at Eustace Consulting, but our women are top-notch professionals with skills like no other! They’ve achieved this by continuing to gain knowledge in an evolving and cutting edge field and by ignoring the stigma that often tells women they don’t belong in the technology field. Education, internships and co-ops, hard work, a passion for the industry and just plain curiosity can help you excel in the world of technology. It simply doesn’t matter who you are if you have an aptitude for technology.


As women working in the technology field, Eustace Consulting’s Jennifer and Heather were thrilled to spend time speaking with Tabitha and welcomed the opportunity to mentor a young woman looking to break into the profession. Their recent conversation with Tabitha has only solidified what Eustace Consulting has always known: women AND men can do anything as long as they are curious, proactive and determined, while using their talents to benefit their workplace and the clients they serve. The tech space is an exciting, evolving field, so, women, break those barriers, throw away the stereotypes, log-in and get to work!