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Insight on Cirrus Insight 5.0 Beta

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ci-app-logo-140x50We’ve been taking the new Cirrus Insight 5.0 Beta for a test ride!  The great news for Cirrus Insight users is that the innovation hasn’t stopped. Cirrus Insight 5.0 provides sufficient information management, but has improved list organization, email analytics, and data visualization. Both new features and improvements to old ones are taking Cirrus Insight to the next level.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.41.56 PMImproved Navigation/Look and Feel

Cirrus Insight 5.0 has improved the overall interface making things easier to find and read.  Syncing emails and tracking them require far less clicks. While Settings haven’t changed, the new gear icon in your toolbar makes them much easier to locate.  Have a look to the right to see the new UI in action!

My Lists

The My Tasks tab originally allowed users to view assigned projects. Cirrus Insight now has Tasks, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts located under the My Lists tab. Users no longer have to jump between Salesforce and email accounts, making information more organized and faster to find.

Create A Record at Any Time

Records allow users to easily manage and locate lists of leads, contacts, or even accounts related to a particular email. The frustrating part, however, was having to create a lead or contact when an email was opened. The new orange + button creates a record from anywhere. Records are no longer confined to leads or contacts. Users can create records revolving around opportunities, cases, and events specific accounts or tasks.

Enhanced Task Management

Tasks are now easily accessible and create-able at anytime through either the web or mobile.  There is an “always-on” tab right in your gmail, listing your tasks.  If you’re anything like us, tasks are the lifeblood of our salesforce org.  Putting these features front-and-center is a huge improvement!

Screen_Shot_2016-07-29_at_12_27_50_PMEnhanced Email Campaigns & Tracking

Email performances are easier to view now than ever before. Statistics that once appeared in a small sidebar now expanded through full-screen reporting and charts, providing details regarding email campaigns both old and new. See who is receiving messages, opening them, clicking on links, and replying to offers. Users can keep track of what actions are most efficient and never let someone get away with: “I never got that email.”

While all of Cirrus Insight 5.0’s new improvements and features are exciting, users might worry about transitioning. Cirrus Insight 5.0 requires a separate browser extension, but it includes all permissions that users on 4.x have to grant individually. A separate browser extension lets organizations plan their transition to 5.0, making the innovations of Cirrus Insight 5.0 easy to access. Users should look forward to taking advantage of these new features!


On top of that, all of the original features are intact, including:

  • Saving emails and attachments from email to Salesforce
  • Scheduling email drafts to be sent at a particular time
  • Accessing Salesforce templates and merge fields
  • Tracking how many emails were opened, clicked on, and/or replied to
  • Syncing calendar events and contacts between Salesforce and Google
  • Enabling notifications for Task Reminder

Looking for a demo or a walkthrough of why Cirrus Insight outperforms and out innovates Salesforce IQ?  Fill out the form below!